How should I pick a photo booth for my wedding reception?

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding is one of the excellent ways of providing extra entertainment for your guests. Regardless of their ages, all your friends and family members can be able to have fun with this addition you make to your celebration. However, it can be challenging to choose the right booth due to the availability of different types. Making a wrong choice of a photo booth can easily mess up the event instead of making it colorful as planned. To help you find the right booth for your wedding, below are tips to guide you.

Check the basics

Ask for the license and insurance coverage from the company. You need to ensure the business you want to hire has a license which guarantees its professionalism. The insurance cover is also necessary to help you avoid liability should equipment get damaged during the occasion. Ascertaining these aspects will give you peace of mind during the event.

Ask about the costs and payments

The company should make you a precise estimate for the event. They should show you the required deposit, the accepted means of payment, the day the balance will be due and overtime charges. You should know the costs you may have to pay in case the party runs over the agreed period. Moreover, the company should be clear on who covers the supplies for the event. A good company should be able to provide you with enough photo paper, the ink and even the props for the wedding reception. Knowing this in time will help you stay on top of your budget quickly.

Check into their photo booths

A professional company has different types of booths. Check the available models and choose the option that best suits your event. In case you prefer having your wedding logo on the photos, they can easily be customized to achieve you intended effect. You can choose a traditional model, a standard model or a fancier one. Finding a perfect booth is easy and convenient with the existence of many options out there.

Go for fast printers

Don’t forget to ask about the speed of the printers the company has. The slower the printer, the longer the lines. Slow printers can interfere with the fun your guests could have enjoyed at the booth. No one wishes to wait for too long on the lines. When you choose the booth that has a fast printer, your guests can enjoy their turn at the booth in no time creating more fun for them.

Can they offer set up assistance?

A good vendor should be able to provide you with necessary support. Ensure the vendor you choose is experienced and has no problem providing you set up support no matter where the venue is.